The Steroids Have Been Thrown Out!


So the scenario last week in the kitchen goes something like this:
My husband: I stopped taking steroids three weeks ago
My husband: I decided to stop taking them
I always think how stupid people sound when they repeatedly ask the same question and in this instance, I’m no different. I’m momentarily rendered speechless by this kitchen table ‘confessional’ but I administer immediate absolution. I wonder will he be so quickly absolved at his next hospital appointment on December 19th. I doubt Prof will be too impressed by his self-medicating antics!
In my previous update, I mentioned that there is a well justified school of thought that taking my husband off steroids would bring on a severe case of GVHD but his mind works differently to the medics.
My husband: I’m sick to my teeth of being on them. When I go in on the 19th, I want to show them that I’m off steroids four weeks and I can handle it!
Is my husband bolshie or brave? He’s a bit of both – it’s in his DNA. Hell didn’t freeze over and fingers crossed, GVHD won’t rear its ugly head again. Showdown next Monday with his medical team. Watch this space!