The Steroids Have Been Thrown Out!


So the scenario last week in the kitchen goes something like this:
My husband: I stopped taking steroids three weeks ago
My husband: I decided to stop taking them
I always think how stupid people sound when they repeatedly ask the same question and in this instance, I’m no different. I’m momentarily rendered speechless by this kitchen table ‘confessional’ but I administer immediate absolution. I wonder will he be so quickly absolved at his next hospital appointment on December 19th. I doubt Prof will be too impressed by his self-medicating antics!
In my previous update, I mentioned that there is a well justified school of thought that taking my husband off steroids would bring on a severe case of GVHD but his mind works differently to the medics.
My husband: I’m sick to my teeth of being on them. When I go in on the 19th, I want to show them that I’m off steroids four weeks and I can handle it!
Is my husband bolshie or brave? He’s a bit of both – it’s in his DNA. Hell didn’t freeze over and fingers crossed, GVHD won’t rear its ugly head again. Showdown next Monday with his medical team. Watch this space!

2 thoughts on “The Steroids Have Been Thrown Out!

  1. Clíodhna
    Thanks for your story which I just read on
    Came at a good time for me.
    My husband has also been on a leukaemia journey with AML.
    15 months down the road he’s still struggling .. physically and mentally.
    Incredibly hard for him, but also difficult for me and our three teenagers to manage the ongoing situation.
    Stay writing.

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