Panic Attacks, Delayed Goals and Meeting Fabian

January 1st 2017 kicks off like all other New Year’s Days that have gone before – a little hungover but full of optimism and hope. I stopped making New Year’s resolutions a long time ago but furtively hope that my husband can achieve a couple of recovery milestones. Maybe three or four – you can’t […]

The Steroids Have Been Thrown Out!

So the scenario last week in the kitchen goes something like this: My husband: I stopped taking steroids three weeks ago Me: WHAT? My husband: I decided to stop taking them Me: WHAT? WHAT? I always think how stupid people sound when they repeatedly ask the same question and in this instance, I’m no different. […]

625 Steps Up – 625 Steps Down What An Achievement!

It has been six months since my last entry. My husband’s Hickman line is still out – his hip pain is still there. This aggravated pain has become his number one nemesis. It reigns supreme, digging in its heels, obstinate – not ready to wave its white flag. I’m afraid to ask the medics if […]

Setback Number ? We’ve Lost Count!

God damn Hickman line! Just when you think that a hospital readmission is a distant memory, the God damn Hickman will quickly remind you of who is boss! In my previous blog, I mentioned how my husband was getting back into some sort of norm, working full time and looking more like himself – recovery […]

The carer’s story so far – Acute NK Cell Leukaemia

  This time three years ago my husband was riddled with cancer – Acute NK (natural killer) Cell Leukaemia to be exact. We didn’t know it at the time of course. He was not displaying the usual red flag signs of excessive tiredness, bruising, a lump etc. He merely felt sick one Sunday night and […]